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WACO Bi-Plane Open Cockpit Ride for Two at ISTAT Americas

Hosted by Steve Manley; Operated by OBX Airplanes

Discover Orlando by air!  Enjoy a 30-minute, open cockpit ride for two in a 1998 WACO Bi-Plane departing from the Kissimmee Airport. Please note that the trip will take place during the ISTAT Americas Conference: Sunday, 10 March - Monday, 11 March.  

Tickets cost $250 per ride. Contact Steve Manley directly to purchase a ticket. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited. Preferred trip day and time is subject to availability. All proceeds support the ISTAT Foundation.

The WACO Bi-Plane excursion is not sponsored or hosted by ISTAT or the ISTAT Foundation in any way.  OBX Airplanes is not affiliated with or endorsed by ISTAT or the ISTAT Foundation. Participants in this excursion acknowledge that ISTAT or the ISTAT Foundation will not assume any liability for injuries of any kind arising out of their participation.    

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